Oahu and Its Grand Wedding, Hawaii Wedding, Wedding Venues in Hawaii

Hawaii is a place where dream weddings are a reality for many women in all race. Hawaii is not just a dream vacation but a place for a beautiful sunset wedding, a beach wedding, a panoramic view wedding a magical type of wedding often is done in all corners of all Hawaii islands.

Oahu and Its Grand Wedding, Hawaii Wedding, Wedding Venues in Hawaii
Oahu is one of the most sought for spot in Hawaii to hold a couples dream wedding. Having known to be one of Hawaii's romantic and beautiful place to propose of tie the knot. People who flocked the area are mesmerized of its pristine, aquamarine waters, giant waves and soothing ocean breeze. Oahu's beaches is just so perfect that you shouldn't miss to hold your wedding here.

Best spots to hold a wedding are areas of Waialae Beach Park, Moli'i Gardens at Kualoa Ranch on the North Shore, Pagoda Hotel Waterfall and Kakaako Waterfront Park to name a few.

Waialae Beach Park is a secluded place to go for a venue but there might be a tendency that you will also have it with other brides.

Oahu and Its Grand Wedding, Hawaii Wedding, Wedding Venues in Hawaii
Moli'i Gardens is an overlooking 125 acre of property to the historic Hawaiian fishpond which is one of the largest preserved fish pond in Hawaii. It offers a covered pavilion, main lawn area, a grand staircase to a lawn of garden in the water hedge. You can have up to 300 guests here.

Pagoda Hotel offers to you a relaxing place of affordable rates, comfortable rooms and convenient location.

Hawaii can offer a wide selection on the type of wedding you wish to Hawaii from the popular beach sunset weddings, to a waterfall wedding backdrop, in a famous hotel or resort, a church wedding, a wedding in a gorgeous gazebo anything you wish for that is all going to be realized for a  perfect Hawaii wedding.

When a couple finally decides on tying the knot the making their companionship forever is something that each one of us look forward and before finally settling down we start with having to be wed on our once in a lifetime dream wedding.

For a woman this is a dream come true and an opportunity that may not come at all. It is a dream that is why there are a lot of wedding planners and wedding company who help every groom and bride the best of what they imagine of their wedding.

Each wedding is different and special and wherever and whenever it is done it all sparks a special memory for the couple, the guests and to all that is present witnessing a special union. Wellness with Aloha is no different at all. We want a wedding that is with endless blessing and warm welcoming. To all of you who are thinking of tying the knot in the islands of Hawaii, allow us to give you an experience that you will surely talk it again and again for years to come.

We offer to you our wedding and vows packages. If you want a private experience of your big day let us be your ohana (it means family) here in Hawaii. We know the ways of the islands and we have been living here for the longest time. Be thrilled to be in your own private villa or in an ocean view place. For your wedding day you can talk to us on how you want it to happen and where you wanted it done. We listen to your every needs and do as much as possible the best that we can to make this happen.

Begin your life together with bliss and a life immersed with the blessing of aloha.

Leilani Vows
- a 5 day / 5 night package that includes  Dolphin Swim / Boat Ride , Wedding or Renewal Service performed by Kahu Keahi , Lomilomi Massage for 2, Pele Experience for 2

* if what you come to the island is the wedding itself the whole package along with this features will be included for the price of $12,995.

All local licenses and permissions
Onsite coordinator of services & witnesses
Full-color wedding certificate
Two flower leis
Bride's cascading bouquet
Bride's in-room makeup & hair service
Groom's boutonniere
60 4 x 6 digital pictures plus two 8x10 enlargements
Hawaiian keepsake album for your pictures
Deluxe video - two DVD copies
Two fine wine glasses engraved with your married names
Wedding cake (6")
Private hula show
Hawaiian musicians
Pictures / album / CD / DVDs in a beautiful Hawaiian woven basket

Mau Loa Vows
- a 4 day / 4 night package which includes Pele Experience for 2 (Day 2) with Limousine Transportation plus, Wedding or Renewal Service (on Day 3) performed by Aunty Aka plus, Lomilomi Massage for 2 (Day 4) plus Hawaiian Blessing for 2 (Day 4) all of this for $7995

* if it is a wedding plus the Lei Lani Package add it up for only $9995

Anela Vows
- a very private and special ceremony of your choice along with Keahi Hanakahi, kahu of Moloka'i of which on this special event up to 20 people can be a witness of your ceremony but either you or your guests can arrange for their transportation. This is only for $2295.

Included are:

All local licenses and permissions
Two flower leis
Picnic lunch

Malia Mai Vows
- a small and private ceremony with Kahu Pahia. This ceremony includes a native conch-shell blowing as well while your music is provided with an award winning Grammy native Hawaiian Slack Key guitarist John Keawe, will play for you on your special day along with his wife Hope. For only $3995.

Included are:

All local licenses and permissions
Two flower leis
Picnic lunch

Wellness with Aloha offers personal packages that will create more than satisfaction and content of your travel here in the island of Hawaii.

Having to own this special packages will make your stay even more memorable and a taste of heaven on earth like no other. You will get to stay in your own private villa with the best of accommodation we have and can offer. It is of class and a comfortable stay. You have your own catered food and a well rested place to stay.

Your journey with us starts with a grand stay, hawaiian blessing a whole day spent opening yourself into the heart of Hawaii. You will also get to experience sacred tours to places that makes each of these Hawaiian islands unique and even more a blast from the past adventure. Your stay with us is a pure connection of the total wellness of your mind, body and soul.

packages offered are as follows:

Maluhia Package
Lei Package
Kino Package
Waiwai Package

Source: Wellness with Aloha (7 Day / 7 Night Packages for One or Two)
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For most couples, apart from the actual vow exchange, probably the most meaningful section of their wedding party could be the lighting with the candle. The unity candle is special given it symbolizes two lives becoming one. Whilst the candle ceremony is generally considered a spiritual gesture, it can be something couples indulge in whether they are religious.

A lot of people get their mother's light everyone candle, and so the couple transfers the sunlight from those candles for the bigger candle. If you're expecting your mother and father becoming a area of the ceremony, it is crucial that they may be in the possibility to rehearse and they be happy with their responsibility within the candle ceremony.

In the candle ceremony, some couples love to recite special words which might be in the heart understanding that express their adoration for their soon-to-be spouse. However, some couples choose to make setting more intimate and through the lighting with the candle, they've you to definitely sing an audio lesson which is special in their mind.

Because completely new candles don't always want to cooperate, it is just a good plan to light the candles before hand and permit them to burn for 2 minutes for it to be simpler to light them throughout the actual ceremony.

While many couples choose to light the average person candles throughout the candle ceremony, some couple want to do things a bit differently. You might elect to hold the candles burning over the marriage ceremony, which means you as well as your fiancé can simply light the unity candle in the event the time arrives. It's also customary for your groom to light his candle prior to the bridesmaids walk on the aisle, then when the bride to be walks in, she lights her candle. This could signify the pair doing things independently, when they light the unity candle and fly out their unique individual candles, it implies that they're happy to come together together and join their lives together.

Although a few people choose plain white candles for your ceremony, you'll be able to get candles that coordinate with or satisfy your wedding colours. If you can't find candles that satisfy your wedding colours, consider selecting a solid colour candle and tying a ribbon that suits wedding ceremony colours across the candle. It's also fun to select candle colours which do not match the wedding ceremony colours, but that match both you and your fiancé's individual personalities. With regards to unity candles, make sure to enjoy yourself and over think it.

The unity candle ceremony is one area that couples elect to give their family and friends, however, it's not necassary to feel obligated to carry out a unity candle ceremony. Like a variation, for beach weddings, some couple choose to pour sand in a vase to represent their lives becoming one. A lot of couples simply scoop sand through the beach, and pour it right into a special container. The sand is a fairly memento that couples can put in their new house that can help these to remember their special occasion. If you are not receiving married about the beach, nevertheless, you want a sand ceremony rather than a unity candle ceremony, you can buy sand unity wedding kits.

Like in a Hawaii Wedding the lei ceremony has been a known and accepted way on binding 2 people as one.

Your beach wedding ceremony planning includes choosing wedding party music. There is an selection of traditional something like that less formal. Non conventional music within reason, is ok on your outdoor and beach wedding, but do clear your wedding reception song lists along with your Officiant prior to committing. Straying much from classical music may also confuse you and your guests or create a disjointed ceremony. Tune in to wedding music clips being informed about wedding songs which are suitable for different parts of your ceremony (we assist you to below). You try to create drama and excitement with your ceremony. You would like to start light and slow and come as much as the grand climax, your wedding reception march! Paying attention to wedding music on-line nowadays is only a look away.

Marriages, including beach weddings, are divided into five musical sections. Each the main event will lend itself to special music although certain songs can be used as weddings recessional or wedding processional music interchangeably.


A choice will likely be for that prelude, which is, music for your arrival and seating of your respective guests. Wedding music concepts for the prelude range from more popular music selections. Adding love songs and ballads you prefer, combined with instrumental favorites is ok, nevertheless don't exaggerate in picking preferred music. Save the rock and high rhythm songs for that reception. The very best recommendations for your prelude music list will probably be songs your friends and relatives have an understanding of. You happen to be, all things considered, entertaining them.


The processional comes next. At most endless weeks of frustration roughly songs are usually used as processional music. Just about all are very known wedding party songs. Our Music Samples page features many of the most popular examples. You'll be able to choose newer wedding music, but remember that live instrumental wedding music, even around the beach, is frequently played with a string group, and violins are certainly not capably with the heavy rhythm, bass beats within most advanced music.

Sand ceremony, readers, vocalists, communion music

The sand ceremony replaces the application of unity candles around the beach. It adds a certain amount of ritual and reflection towards the beach marriage ceremony. Here there is a freedom to pick music that may range from the songs that brought you together along with other personal favorites. Ceremony readings will have a little bit of music played softly under them if they're for a specified duration and also the same costs communion. Regarding vocalists, consider instrumentation as well as the skill of one's musicians when creating your options.


The recessional songs needs to be joyous, light and exuberant. Oahu is the signal to start out your celebration and new life together. Some processional music can be used recessional songs, other people are too recognized as wedding processional music that need considering.


The postlude will probably be lighter and happier, than say being married march. Don't obsess relating to your postlude music. You will be leaving the beach method to visit the reception. Save effort, just leave the postlude selections as much as the musicians. This is a great suggestion for couples wanting to have a Maui Wedding held in the beach and would be a great help.

A married relationship is really a beautiful and memorable event, it's actually a once in a while life span occasion. A unity wedding party is often a a particular additional element to provide in your wedding services that demonstrates symbolically just what the day is focused on. This addition is really a flexible portion of a married relationship ceremony and symbolizes togetherness. Unity ceremonies usually happen after or before the exchange of vows. They may be a great addition for any ceremony and can include a special touch that literally brings lasting intending to each renewal celebration within the duration of a few forever.

There are numerous ideas it is possible to implement on your big day, to restore a much more memorable selection for you plus your dear one. Here are several you can look at.

Unity candle ceremony

One such symbolic ritual may be the Unity Candle tradition. It really is standard for several candles to use but there's flexibility in the event the couple decides to provide children and other household in to the ceremony also. Two small candles or tapers handle your case plus your partner who're engaged and getting married. The two of you can light each candle or maybe your families can perform it. Then your two lit candles are utilized to light the top candle. Lighting the unity candles signifies two becoming one. You'll be able to leave the little candles lit throughout the wedding to suggest you are uniting jointly but retaining your individuality. You can also blow the little candles which indicate that your particular life is becoming merged as you. Mentionened above previously previously, you may even make use of a third candle for remembrance of an family member or add other candles to deal with who're and a section of the family. The unity candle ceremony offers a very meaningful and delightful touch to include in any ceremony.

Rose Ceremony

This can be utilized in non denominational, informal or inter faith services but sometimes provide in religious services at the same time. The bride to be and groom exchange just one rose that's synonymous with their first married gift together. For this reason it always comes about towards the end. Throughout the ups and down inside the marriages, they may be required to consider this tradition and make use of the rose denoting like to give or leave being a surprise for partner which signifies apology or appreciate and passion for their partner. Additionally, the rose can be used yearly to become indication of exchange for the couple's anniversary. Each year this exchange symbolizes continued love and appreciation. This is a beautiful method to take up a meaningful tradition. There are more variations to work with - it is possible to exchange a rose along with your dear one, or each family can exchange roses or exchange a rose after which give other roses for your parents to exhibit your ex and appreciation because of their love and support over time. It always touches members of the family which has a heartfelt response of emotion and it's also very meaningful

Water Ceremony

An execllent unity idea will be the water service. Within this one two containers of colored water are employed to represent your beloved partner and groom. Both the containers water are poured in to a larger container. Both colors mix and form another color. The 3rd color symbolizes wedding. The idea is the identical - two becoming one.

Sand Ceremony

One other popular idea now could be to possess a blending in the sands. With this you have two different colors of sand- anyone to fully handle your case along with the other to represent your daughter's groom. Then you're able to combine both the right into a larger container of your choosing. Be sure you check it out and possess enough sand. Also make sure that you own it tightly compacted in order that it doesn't shift when you are traveling this will let you good the top to the are then it doesn't spill. Because the sand blends, it symbolizes the joining together of one's two separate lives into one beautiful pattern. The sand ceremony is popular in beach weddings but tend to supply anywhere and it is a fantastic substitute for the unity candle ceremony mainly because it is not as at risk of the results of wind.

You may even incorporate children in the service. If including children, their names might be mentioned plus they each obtain a different hue of sand and vial to bring about a combination. It ensures that they're also an essential the main marriage and recurring relationship and is also an effective way to assist them to feel special and involved.

It's also possible to desire to incorporate your wedding officiate and have the crooks to pour one third hue of sand. Wedding ceremony officiates involvement symbolizes a foundational part of God being contained in your relationship like a reasons for strength. The officiate will pour sand to the vial first ahead of the ceremony begins. Then your happy couple will pour their sand when needed. The officiate might fill up the sand with the end which signifies a completion and final blessing of God upon the couples union.

In essence an amazing container of sand that produces a lovely keepsake to recollect the need for the occasion. Whatever ceremony you decide to use, it'll be likely to be as memorable and special accessory your items. For whatever the type of wedding you wish it would be there are a lot of choices and one of this is also a Hawaii Wedding which is now ever popular in all destination weddings.