Island Weddings Idea of a Hawaii Wedding Party

For an island wedding like in Hawaii a wedding party idea is a very good idea since you do not need to be lock up in an island with nothing to do. There are a lot of things a Hawaii wedding party can incorporate of your celebration giving an aloha spirit or even if you are on another location and your theme is about Hawaii.

Since a Hawaii wedding may not be that feasible for some couples these would be great tips that you may follow.

Guest Attire
The fun that a wedding may have is when their guest gets to be open about anything to make the event livelier and successful. You may specify to your guests of what they should wear to make your Hawaiian themed wedding likely to be like in Hawaii.

Details and Tradition
A Hawaii wedding party is about the details which is also a tradition of hawaii. Exchange of Leis with of the new family members is a tradition of Hawaii. Using a seashell for the ring bearer to bring may add to that vibe. Using colored sands instead of a candle is also an option you  can do.

Party Look
Choosing a wedding dress like in Hawaii may add a twist while your groom choose to wear that popular Hawaiian flowery shirts on your wedding. You may decorate in your guests table some flowers like hibiscus, kukui blossoms if not orchids. You may add some sea shells, stones and for a center piece try putting a pineapple or a tray of tropical fruits. For your pathways why not lining up some tiki torch for a more Hawaii effect.

Sounds of Hawaii
This is a very important part of Hawaii tradition in a wedding since a Hawaiian chant or music will add that aloha spirit in your wedding. Either hire singers or band who knows how to play Hawaiian songs or music like using Ukelele which is a popular string instrument in Hawaii.

This will surely bring out that island weddings mood that you are aiming for especially if Hawaii themed.

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