Wedding and Vow Packages in Hawaii

When a couple finally decides on tying the knot the making their companionship forever is something that each one of us look forward and before finally settling down we start with having to be wed on our once in a lifetime dream wedding.

For a woman this is a dream come true and an opportunity that may not come at all. It is a dream that is why there are a lot of wedding planners and wedding company who help every groom and bride the best of what they imagine of their wedding.

Each wedding is different and special and wherever and whenever it is done it all sparks a special memory for the couple, the guests and to all that is present witnessing a special union. Wellness with Aloha is no different at all. We want a wedding that is with endless blessing and warm welcoming. To all of you who are thinking of tying the knot in the islands of Hawaii, allow us to give you an experience that you will surely talk it again and again for years to come.

We offer to you our wedding and vows packages. If you want a private experience of your big day let us be your ohana (it means family) here in Hawaii. We know the ways of the islands and we have been living here for the longest time. Be thrilled to be in your own private villa or in an ocean view place. For your wedding day you can talk to us on how you want it to happen and where you wanted it done. We listen to your every needs and do as much as possible the best that we can to make this happen.

Begin your life together with bliss and a life immersed with the blessing of aloha.

Leilani Vows
- a 5 day / 5 night package that includes  Dolphin Swim / Boat Ride , Wedding or Renewal Service performed by Kahu Keahi , Lomilomi Massage for 2, Pele Experience for 2

* if what you come to the island is the wedding itself the whole package along with this features will be included for the price of $12,995.

All local licenses and permissions
Onsite coordinator of services & witnesses
Full-color wedding certificate
Two flower leis
Bride's cascading bouquet
Bride's in-room makeup & hair service
Groom's boutonniere
60 4 x 6 digital pictures plus two 8x10 enlargements
Hawaiian keepsake album for your pictures
Deluxe video - two DVD copies
Two fine wine glasses engraved with your married names
Wedding cake (6")
Private hula show
Hawaiian musicians
Pictures / album / CD / DVDs in a beautiful Hawaiian woven basket

Mau Loa Vows
- a 4 day / 4 night package which includes Pele Experience for 2 (Day 2) with Limousine Transportation plus, Wedding or Renewal Service (on Day 3) performed by Aunty Aka plus, Lomilomi Massage for 2 (Day 4) plus Hawaiian Blessing for 2 (Day 4) all of this for $7995

* if it is a wedding plus the Lei Lani Package add it up for only $9995

Anela Vows
- a very private and special ceremony of your choice along with Keahi Hanakahi, kahu of Moloka'i of which on this special event up to 20 people can be a witness of your ceremony but either you or your guests can arrange for their transportation. This is only for $2295.

Included are:

All local licenses and permissions
Two flower leis
Picnic lunch

Malia Mai Vows
- a small and private ceremony with Kahu Pahia. This ceremony includes a native conch-shell blowing as well while your music is provided with an award winning Grammy native Hawaiian Slack Key guitarist John Keawe, will play for you on your special day along with his wife Hope. For only $3995.

Included are:

All local licenses and permissions
Two flower leis
Picnic lunch

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