Making Your Wedding Map

The most essential things you'll be able to provide your guests is really a map on your wedding. That is within the invitation and takes the effort and guesswork from looking for the positioning to your guests so that they are content, relaxed and arrive punctually. Setting up a wedding map is easy enough, you just need to make use of a little wise practice and spend some time to build a appealing map which will be easily understood by even individuals with no feeling of direction.


Go online and select your preferred map site. A few of the popular choices include Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and Mapquest. Enter the address from the ceremony to have a review of the venue. Minimize or maximize unless you locate one that shows the cross streets but nevertheless shows a bit of the encompassing area. Save this picture and duplicate it with a blank word document.

Pull the map screen back so that you can see all available freeway or highway exits that guests would use to gain access to your region. Jot down specific instructions concerning how to arrive from each freeway, or use general locations as starting points like a city from the north and something inside the south (or east/west or both). Type these in since your kick off point as well as the ceremony address because your destination. The web page will provide you with directions.

Type these directions to your word document under the map you copied and pasted. Clarify headings for example "From Los Angeles" and "From San Diego" so guests can select the venue best to where they may be via. Whether it is a destination wedding and quite a few guests is going to be traveling a fantastic distance, include directions in the nearest airport or stop.

Arrange your map and directions about the word document within an eye pleasing fashion. Make sure your location's address shows up. Print out over a sheet of paper. Cut the paper with a smaller size so merely the map and directions are included (no excess white edges or bottom from the sheet). Paste having a glue stay with bit of cardstock and cut across the edges, leaving 1/2 " of cardstock exposed so it's mounted.

Save your time and check some web sites is below from the References section. This web site results in a wedding map to suit your needs which includes little notes you'll be able to write your invited guests regarding parking, times or another what you require to cover. Build your map as you can see fit, preview then it print against each other and can include in every invitation.

It is best to make a map especially if you are holding a wedding on an international country if not like having a Maui Wedding.

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