Maui will be the 2nd largest of all the islands in Hawaii and is well known of its beaches, botanical gardens along with Haleakala National Park of which visitors could get a much more sedate think about volcano. This tropical paradise offers a good amount of inspiration for the Maui wedding and it is a ready-made place for the honeymoon.

Get through to the Beach

One of many reasons behind visiting Maui may be its magnificent coastline. The area is flanked mostly in the beaches of couples getting married, it includes Ironwood Beach at the west part of Maui, which isn't crowded like in Maluaka Beach just behind of the Maui Prince Hotel which is south of Maui. The beaches here make an excellent spot for a sunset wedding. If you need told hold a wedding in the morning, visit the north and the east side of the island is something to check out.

Overlooking the Volcano

If you wanted a more dramatic feel of your wedding then try the east of Maui where a volcano of the Haleakala National Park is found. The park do offers some special permits for couples who want their weddings hold provided that you apply at the very least a couple weeks prior to ceremony and a little amount is asked for the payment of the permit. If your wedding party requires some setup plus a special section of the park reserve with the aim, you will have to give one month advance notice. The park is a superb location to see the raw power the Hawaiian volcanic islands.

Step onto a Yacht
Begin to see the island from the different viewpoint over a yacht because it circles Maui. Get wed on deck by incorporating friends observing and celebrate below. A yacht also functions as a great honeymoon spot for well-wishers. There are a lot of yacht rentals that provides trained crews who will work for you and sail the yacht of your wedding to celebrate with friends.

Go to a Lush Tropical Garden
Maui can also be well-known of its gorgeous botanical gardens, only the spot for a marriage ceremony. These are open daily that is intended on special ceremonies because of the fact. You merely have to pay some fee and providing an advance notice. At Kula Botanical Gardens at the slopes near Haleakala Volcano which offers some several spots for the ceremony done in a garden either in a big or small gazebo and also on the lawn for big weddings.

These are just a few of Maui wedding venues or spots to hold your dream like wedding.

For an island wedding like in Hawaii a wedding party idea is a very good idea since you do not need to be lock up in an island with nothing to do. There are a lot of things a Hawaii wedding party can incorporate of your celebration giving an aloha spirit or even if you are on another location and your theme is about Hawaii.

Since a Hawaii wedding may not be that feasible for some couples these would be great tips that you may follow.

Guest Attire
The fun that a wedding may have is when their guest gets to be open about anything to make the event livelier and successful. You may specify to your guests of what they should wear to make your Hawaiian themed wedding likely to be like in Hawaii.

Details and Tradition
A Hawaii wedding party is about the details which is also a tradition of hawaii. Exchange of Leis with of the new family members is a tradition of Hawaii. Using a seashell for the ring bearer to bring may add to that vibe. Using colored sands instead of a candle is also an option you  can do.

Party Look
Choosing a wedding dress like in Hawaii may add a twist while your groom choose to wear that popular Hawaiian flowery shirts on your wedding. You may decorate in your guests table some flowers like hibiscus, kukui blossoms if not orchids. You may add some sea shells, stones and for a center piece try putting a pineapple or a tray of tropical fruits. For your pathways why not lining up some tiki torch for a more Hawaii effect.

Sounds of Hawaii
This is a very important part of Hawaii tradition in a wedding since a Hawaiian chant or music will add that aloha spirit in your wedding. Either hire singers or band who knows how to play Hawaiian songs or music like using Ukelele which is a popular string instrument in Hawaii.

This will surely bring out that island weddings mood that you are aiming for especially if Hawaii themed.

Kona a part of the Big Island in Hawaii goes beyond what the island has to offer. There is still about the beach, sand and the warmness of the sun but that is not at all what Kona have. Take a step back with time and let us explore the history of Kona. Taste the best coffee there is and enjoy the view of marine animals in the waters of the Pacific ocean. A lot of things to do in Kona awaits all spectators and more.

Location One of the 7 regions is Kona of the Big Island in Hawaii. It stretches a 60-mile western coast. At the southeast part is where the Big island of Hawaii is located which is of about 4,038 square miles that is twice the size when you combine the rest of the 7 islands.

The Kailua-Kona Town which is known also as Kailua-Kona a city of the Kona region in history was an abode for King Kamehameha during the early 1800s. The historical Kailua Village found in Kailua-Kona pays tribute of the King Kamehameha to name some of the Hawaiian royalty on historic sites like Hulihee Palace also Mokuaikaua Church. Also situated near the coast of Kona is Kealakekua Bay. Captain James Cook had first landed and killed in the Big island of Hawaii during 1779.

A monument of Captain James Cook was built and is found in Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park. Along the 180 acre Kealakekua Bay can be found Puuhonua or the Honaunau National Historical Park which has serve as a sacred place of refuge. The park is about 1,160 acre that is North of Kailua-Kona a place where historic temples as well as ancient petroglyphs can be found.

Beach Activities

There are numerous of white-sand beaches along with ocean activities readily available in the coast of Kona. Activities like surfing, snorkeling, whale watching and great dinner cruises enjoyed by most couples. The beach here is also a perfect setting for island weddings.

Kona boasts of its numerous restaurants that provides dish that features fresh seafood directly taken of the Pacific ocean but the best treat you should not miss here is the Kona coffee. Since there are a lot of coffee farms surrounding Kona to produce just 100% of pure Kona coffee. The weather condition in Kona fits for growing rare beans its elevation, consistent cloud cover and the richness of the soil because of the volcano. Apart from taking home several of this famous beverage, visitors can tour lots of the area's coffee farms, and look at the Kona Coffee Living History Farm.

Historical Parks
Kona waters are calm and clear and allows a perfect vision of these green sea turtles, some fishes along with other marine life as you snorkel and dive. A lot of surfing schools here offers individual if not group lessons, a sport for fishing charters, dinner cruises and also boat tours that can keep you in close contact with whales, dolphins, green sea turtles and some manta rays.

There has just a lot of things to do in Kona apart from the beach and some ocean activities. The small town of Kona boasts of its numerous galleries and shops. You may tour around the 14,000 foot Mauna Kea summit, do it at daytime, to relish some spectacular views in the evening to do some stargazing. It is best to visit during October wherein there is an annual Ironman World Championship of the world’s best triathlon athletes. 

Kona Coffee
Kona boasts of its numerous restaurants that provides dish that features fresh seafood directly taken of the Pacific ocean but the best treat you should not miss here is the Kona coffee. Since there are a lot of coffee farms surrounding Kona to produce just 100% of pure Kona coffee. The weather condition in Kona fits for growing rare beans its elevation, consistent cloud cover and the richness of the soil because of the volcano. Apart from taking home several of this famous beverage, visitors can tour lots of the area's coffee farms, and look at the Kona Coffee Living History Farm. 

Goa is the tiniest state of India but has the largest heart. Goa welcomes both national and international tourists all over the year, be it an off season Goa never stops it’s always in a mood to enjoy. The place is famous for its Golden beaches, exotic wildlife and spectacular carnivals. Book your tickets well in advance and get cheap flights to Goa ,beautiful and exhilarating place. The easiest way to get Cheap Flights is by thoroughly surfing the internet and getting the best deal possible.

Goa has various festivals and some kind of revelry going on every time somewhere in here, being a part of colorful nation like India it’s very clear that Goa has a kaleidoscope of festivals. The place experiences a mix of culture and therefore celebrates all the festivals with full enthusiasm. Let’s have a look at the major festivals celebrated in Goa.

Feast of three Kings- The festival is celebrated in the month of January during the holy Epiphany with three local boys enacting as king of Magi and bringing gifts for Jesus.

Feast of St. Francis Xavier- This is the most important and most colorful festival that is being celebrated in Goa. No matter what religion people belong to all Goans actively participate in this festival which takes place at the Basilica of Bom Jesus. The festival is celebrated every year to mark the death anniversary of the saint.

Goa Carnival- out of all the events Goa Carnival is the most awaited event in Goa, it takes place in February and the feast continues till three days and night and the streets come alive with colors for this time period. The carnival is meant for feasting, drinking, merrymaking and dancing.

Hotel and flight bookings should be done in advance as the festivities attracts thousands of tourists and end time reservations can be a risk.

There are number of reasons which make San Francisco one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, some of which include its heritage architecture, breathtaking beauty, diverse culture and delicious cuisine. Another reason which often goes unnoticed is the luxurious chain of hotels that surround this extraordinary city and are famous for imparting that ultimate rock star experience to their guests. These are some of the best places to stay in San Francisco.

  • Four Seasons: Situated on Market Street in Yerba Buena, Four Seasons is famous for its vibrant architecture and rare art collection. From world class sports club, fitness center, spa to its desirable location that lies close to Union Square and numerous museums, Four Seasons hotels should definitely be on your priority list.

  • Le Meridien: Situated in Financial District, Le Meridien is a 24 storey structure that lies near the waterfront providing breathtaking views to the guests. Pampering the guests with king size beds, flat screen television sets, the hotel also boasts of a fitness center, spa and swimming pool. Not to forget the delicious dining experience that the hotel is so famous for.

  • The Phoenix: Situated on Eddy Street, Phoenix is known as the rock’n’roll hotel of San Francisco renowned for hosting Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Decorated with 1950s style hotel rooms built in engaging architecture and complemented with a huge swimming pool, The Phoenix is not to be missed at any cost.

  • The Ritz Carlton: Situated on Nob Hill, Ritz Carlton will surely spoil you for choices. Decorated with splendid architecture and famous for its gourmet restaurant and staff service, the hotel also offers other amenities like swimming pool, gym, spas and much more. Located near Chinatown and Union Square, guests have a lot of sightseeing choices available for a romantic evening.

  • Taj Campton Place: Recipient of many awards and rated high by users, the hotel contains 110 rooms and is most renowned for its Michelin star restaurant. Offering 24 hour room service and other fitness and rejuvenation amenities, Taj hotel’s friendly staff also adds charm to the guest’s experience. 

So what are you waiting for, Book Cheap flights to San Francisco and pamper yourself with outstanding scenic beauty and amazing hospitality service. Visiting these hotels would make sure that you savor the best of nightlife, food, staff service and of course comfort.


The scope of tourism industry has grown manifolds with destination weddings becoming a trend. Wedding is a life-changing event which binds two souls for the rest of their lives and destination weddings allow nuptial couples to turn these life-turning moments into everlasting memories. The charismatic appeal of picturesque beaches, where gentle whispers of waves kissing the sands create an exceptional ambiance to exchange vows, has made Hawaii a perfect destination for beach weddings.

Hawaii is a tropical paradise renowned globally for its diverse natural scenery, panoramic beaches and picturesque oceanic surroundings, active volcanoes. The multitude of wedding settings it offers range from quaint chapels to luxury beach resorts, from spectacular gardens to heavenly waterfalls, and so on. There are a number of Hawaii wedding planners providing personalized services to turn the gala celebrations a treasure of most cherished memories for the guests and hosts alike. They take care of each and everything, including booking wedding venue and accommodation for hosts and guests, arranging for wedding celebrant, photographer and catering, decorating the venue as per the wedding theme etc. 

All the nuptial couple planning for a destination wedding in Hawaii has to do is choose right venue, book an expert Hawaiian wedding planner and arrive the destination a few days prior to the gala event. By right wedding venue we mean selecting a venue as per the wedding theme and wedding budget. The archipelago of Hawaii offers a number of theme wedding options to meet the desires and dreams of the people with different tastes and budget.

Oahu: As a popular beach destination, Oahu has a number of hotels and resorts. As a result of high competition, hotels and resorts at Oahu are available at comparatively less prices.

Maui: Maui has a number of splendid resorts best suitable for up-country and ocean-front weddings.

Kauai: Kauai is spectacular Hawaiian island well-suitable for a number of stunning theme weddings such as tropical garden wedding, white sand beach wedding, waterfall wedding, and traditional Hawaiian wedding.

The Big Island: The Big Island offers endless wedding theme choices. Among all, the most popular The Big Island wedding themes are sunset beach wedding on the Kona Coast and spectacular tropical garden theme wedding at scenic Liliuokalani Gardens with Mauna Kea in the background.

Once the Hawaiian wedding destination and theme is selected, hosts just need to select a reliable wedding planning services provider offering all-inclusive package that includes booking venue, making arrangements for celebrant, photographer and banquet, and adapting the venue aptly as per the wedding theme.    Hawaiian wedding planners take care of every minute details right from planning to execution of wedding celebrations, including accommodation for guests too. All the hosts are left to do apart from arranging for their wedding attires and wedding rings is making travel arrangements. 

Travel Tips for Hawaii Destination Weddings

Advance Booking: Since wedding is an elaborate affair, you can’t depend upon last minute travel deals. Better book your airline tickets in advance to get low fare airline tickets and travel deals.

Ask for Group Fares: Even if airline tickets are self-sponsored, wedding couple and their close relatives and friends may book airline tickets together to get cheap airfare deals. Most of the reputed online travel brands have special fares for group bookings. Call at their toll free number to consult the travel expert and ask for discount airfare for group bookings. Believe it or not, customer service executives of online travel sites are specialists and may help you in finding Cheap Flights to Kona International Airport in terms of money and best flights as per airline timings.

Travel Date: Travel dates should be wisely decided. First of all, wedding couple and best man should plan their arrival at least two days before the wedding ceremonies and celebrations start to check the arrangements. Besides, arrival in advance would also give them enough time to overcome unforeseen circumstances such as flight delays, lost luggage, etc.

Luggage Packing: Wedding costumes and rings should be packed separately in hand baggage so as to avoid last-minute hassles. This will also reduce the chances of getting them misplaced during travel. 

Guest Post Author Bio: Rachna is an adept blogger and writes on various topics related to travel and tourism. At present, she is working with the 5th largest online travel brands in the U.S

Getting married entails best planning, preparations and wise mind to know of the details of which needed a quick attention or solution first. The first impression of your wedding starts with the wedding invitations that you send your respective guests, friends and family. The wedding invites reflect much on your theme and what your guests will have to expect on your wedding. Aside from the most check important info like the date, location, time, menu and directions of your wedding.

This will also show how many people are attending on your big day. A wedding invitation shouldn't be a messy one that will let your guests end up no attending or even worst throwing away your invites. It is always best to make one that is talking about you as a couple and the love that found it way to both of you.

What to do

Buy a professional invitation cards or DIY. If it so happens that you prefer everything done as stunning as what you see online being sold and don't have the time to do it yourself then by all means make use of the web. There are a lot of wedding invites being sold and you can choose a lot from these. You can also try to visit local boutiques or malls that sells out wedding invites and I know for sure there are wide selection.

If you are a couple who cares about your budget then why not make one! Doing your wedding invites is a fun activity that you as a couple if not with your friends and family members can jive in to help. There are also online sites that allows you to have a free printable wedding invites and you just have to make it even more beautiful by putting some finishing touches like ribbons, sequins or a little glitter perhaps!

Mind on the wording being chosen on your wedding invites. Since your wedding invitation is a first impression to your real wedding it also mirrors on how your wedding may turn out to be with how it is written and presented. It should be a reflection of how you are as a couple. If you have thought of buying one most of these professional designs will allow you to choose your wordings if not you can go with your own wordings for a more personal touch.

Work along your invites with your friends and family. If it so happen you are inviting around 200 or more guests then I suggest that you really ask help since your invites won't be just what you will be busy of. Try to do a task and give each member who would help you and tasks them on what they have to do so it is in order.Like who will write the wordings, buy envelopes if there isn't any and who will see through the final look.

Properly address your wedding invites. When you received an invite you look forward into opening and seeing what is in that wedding invitation. But it is a mistake often not wanted that names are mispelled or it is sent to wrong address or the proper address of a person you are inviting is not done appropriately like when you have a doctor or lawyer friend or guests.

Mailing of Wedding Invites. The best time to mail your wedding invitations would be 6 weeks prior to your wedding. By doing this will allow your guests to inform their respective companies, or fix their schedules for you. Your RSVP will be responded accordingly by them. Guests you have invited who lives away from where you are will have sufficient time to book for a flight or make hotel reservations if needed.

Having a wedding needs to be elaborate on planning and of your hard earned money. That is how most of us think of it, right? But when we talk about expenses and the cost it takes off of your wedding that is something one should really think about! A wedding need not to be too fancy and expensive though if you have more than enough then why not!

Expenses may come from your wedding cake, venue, dress, flowers, reception, officiant going to the reception hall. For you to wisely spend for your wedding but still making it grand and worth remembering follow these gracious recommendations below.

What to do

Know what are the things that you can live and not live without, this are the main key for you to plan out correctly. Do a list of it starting from  your engagement party to your honeymoon. It is best to label them as must have and live without. Check on what you have listed and focus yourself on your must haves list.

Your wedding venue, wedding dress and reception hall. Find a place which is convenient and not too much on the budget you stick with but is still an awesome place to commence your wedding venue and if possible if luck is in your way the reception hall may also be a place as well that is a part of your wedding venue. When looking for a wedding dress there are a lot of vintage shop if not consignment boutiques that will offer you a great gown which is slightly used but is still a great one to wear. A local department store may also be a good place to find out and just add little details.

Your wedding venue and reception hall is best done at one location. By doing this you will greatly save time and money having to hold the your wedding ceremony and reception all at one place. You can try finding some club house from your friends or neighbor and may charge you a small fee or even do everything in a house of your relative or friends.

Cut the cost with having to have expensive caters. You can actually ask your friends and family who will attend the wedding to assist other guests. Friends and family may most likely have a handed down recipe that you want to let the world try it out in your wedding so why not grab that chance. This will make your wedding so memorable when everyone is full force helping you.

Your wedding ring. If it is possible for you to wear something not as expensive then go for it! You may also try to visit to a near discount jeweler that may happen to have some rings for a very reasonable price.

Other needs. You may ask your friends or a member of your family by assigning them to do your wedding invites, make your wedding cake, host of the event, to run errand with decoration and flowers. I think everyone who loves you with all their heart won’t feel bad about helping you make your wedding a success.

Whether your home is within the islands or simply would like to get married there, you will have a wedding in Hawaii with limited funds. Natural attractiveness of Hawaii constitutes a great venue for big or small weddings. After a little planning, you will get the wedding ceremony you've always dreamt with realistic budget.

What to do

Set your wedding reception date for May or June in case you are coming from the mainland alone or with guests. Airfare to The hawaiian islands are typically cheaper during non-peak travel months. It's also possible to find more affordable rates on resort rooms. When you have many guests coming together with you, call the airline and hotel to ask for group packages Hawaii rates.

Go with a low-cost setting. Hawaii has lots of beautiful locations and several of which won't set you back any money. If privacy is not a large concern, get one of these public beach, which can be free but may also vary in each location so it is best to call Hawaii Chamber of Commerce. Beaches near Waikiki are popular, however, if you ultimately choose a sunset wedding, know that other weddings may be going on also. Diamond Head Overlook Park, Waialae Beach Park and Kapiolani Beach are nearby and much less crowded normally.

Allow the setting supply the backdrop.
With the tropical foliage in Hawaii, you've a good amount of places to pick from. Choose a quiet beach at sunset or even a tropical garden, that enables you to definitely reduce expenses however use a beautiful surrounding. For outdoor weddings for the beach, consider keeping the ceremony short and that means you will never have to rent chairs at the same time.

Use local flowers and make it simple.
Buy leis from local vendors and position your ceremony near native flowers or another interesting landscapes. The hibiscus, Hawaii's state flower, orchids and also the plumeria are colorful choices which can be indigenous to the hawaiian islands.

Go local together with your diet at the same time.
Locally grown or produced meals is often more affordable with there being no shipping costs involved. Think of fish dishes--ahi, swordfish or snapper, and incorporating a number of Hawaii's great fruit like mangoes, pineapple and papaya in to the catering or diet.

Employ a local photographer.
Should you not utilize a package that features a photographer, you may have a buddy or loved one take pictures in your case. It's also possible to try advertising for the photography student in the University of Hawaii or possibly a beginning professional should you not mind a bit risk using your photographs.

Jaipur is the largest city of India and is the capital of Rajasthan. Also known as the Pink City, which owes to the pink walls of the old city, Jaipur is world- renowned city famous for its unique architecture, Astrology, century old Forts, majestic monuments, palaces, Art and Craft, and its delicious cuisine like the famous Dal Baati Churma, Missi Roti, Ghevar, Feeni and Gajak. Jaipur is not just about its rich heritage and culture, it is also a haven for shopaholic where one can buy precious and semi precious stones along with traditional gold and silver jewellery made in “Kundan and Meenakari”

Main Attractions:-
Jaipur is one of the most visited destinations in India and why won’t it be, after all it is home to some of the country’s most famous attractions, including Amber fort, Nahargarh  Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Galta temple, Birla temple, Govind dev ji temple and Albert hall museum. Apart from all the exciting sights, the city also hosts tons of colorful events and festivals round the year. Try and coincide your trip during the Jaipur Elephant Festival, a festival showcasing the rich heritage of the city. Teej and Gangaur festival are also worth attending.

Market & Shopping:- 
Jaipur is a bargain hunter’s paradise. Shoppers look out precious gemstones, gold and silver jewelry, bangles (lak bangles), blue pottery, clothes, and famous bedsheets of Sanganeri print and block print. Do make a point to bargain really hard. Some of the most popular markets are:-
1. Johari Bazaar: - The jeweler's market
2. Bapu Bazaar and Nehru Bazaar: - Popular for 'Mojri' footwear locally called Juti.
3. Kishanpol Bazaar: - Famous market of the city known for textiles and wooden furniture.
4. Tripolia Bazaar: - Famous for ironware, brassware and carpets.
5. Khazana Walon Ka Rasta: - known for stone carved sculptures.
Most of the shops are closed on Sunday.

Night Life:-
A night here in Jaipur can be spend in myriad of ways, from dancing the night away in a trendy dance club to chilling out in a cool bar or watching an exciting cultural dance and drama show, the choice is plenty. While you are here, check out places like the Orca, Angara, B2B, the Rock and the Naila Bagh.

 And another good option is go to Nahargarh Fort at night and watch the pleasant panoramic view of the pink city.

Tips: - Don’t forget to book your hotel in advance in Jaipur, especially if you are visiting during August, when it rains or during October to March, when the weather is pleasant . Book Cheap Air Flights from

Visiting the 7,107 islands of the Philippines will make you tire thinking if you have chosen the best places by far that most tourist think of it as one in a million there is of any destination. Though the rest of the islands does not have anything much about tourism on weddings like how Hawaii is. This is still by far one of the best places to visit for fun, relaxation and even for a honeymoon.

If you are an adventure seeker and most especially like to travel on a backpack then the islands that compose Philippines is a thrilling place to be. What makes it really fun when you get to travel each island is the unique of each one. 

Philippines though is divided into 3 main parts that is Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The country is superb of its street dancing of which all year through this is what you will experience in just about every corner. Aside from the famous food and delicacies that even Filipinos who are leaving abroad asks a friend to bring home lechon, danggit, mangoes and even a very seldom liked balut is also a must try especially for foreigners.

The usual transportation that you will surely enjoy to use in traveling are the likes of tricycle and jeepney which is really budget friendly if that is you goal. You can still rent a car if you are have more, ride on a taxi. But you should be aware though that no matter how friendly and approachable Filipinos are there are still those that may not do good so at all times be cautious.

For romantic couples who want to try out the scenic yet friendly places of Philippines here are a few of the must see places here.

Visiting this island is like going to a place of so many attractions to tour in. So your 1 day of travel will never be enough but for couples who wanted to experience what Bohol has to offer visit a white sandy beach in Panglao Island a famous one is Alona Beach of its 800 meters stretch coast line. If you love diving then try Balicasag and Pamilacan Island. It is both best of its rare and exotic seashells, coral walls and few of dolphins and pilot whales to kick on your interest. 

It is as if you haven't visited this place if you haven't been gone to its famous landmark the Chocolate Hills. It is a must see place made of cone shape hills that spreads through the island which is intriguing that even geologists wonders of its formation. A perfect pair of this tour is a visit to the most famous animal "tarsier". Tarsiers are very tiny and only weighs 113 to 142 grams. 

Taking a tour to the Hinagdanan Cave is also a must try activity as this is a favorite among tourist. You may also try visiting some other caves like The Francisco Dagohoy Cave  and The Kamira Cave. For a romantic visit you should not forget to visit Loboc river a perfect place to enjoy the view while you eat with your partner pulled by a board boat.

This is the gateway of Philippines to international tourist. This island was the main reason why tourist enjoyed Philippines and this is one part of the country that brings more of the travelers. A very refine, white sandy beach that once you get to see it you will be left speechless of its serene beauty and elegance. Since the start of Boracay being well known like how it started in 1970 when a film "Too Late A Hero" was shot here and some part near the island visitors had never grown tired of it. 

There are a lot of luxurious hotels in this island making it a bit crowded but if you enjoy to mix with the others at night this island is also of so much fun. You can get into this island by boat and plane.

This part of the Philippines is known because of its yearly street dancing event in honor of the patron Sto.NiƱo a black child figure of which locals here believed of his presence and is the main reason why Cebu is such a protected place especially of storm and other natural calamities. This place is also made famous because of its known food "Lechon Baboy" which is a pig roasted by the use of charcoal and is really a must try and for sure you will definitely ask for a take out. In the North part of Cebu a town named Carcar is also a known place for a famous delicacie which is "Chicharon" this is also either a pigs skin or both the meat and the skin toasted making it super crunchy. 

Cebu is not only famous for its cuisine or delicacies but is also a fun place to visit and sight see going to the North or South part of it. There are beautiful beaches as well that you will enjoy like in the town of Moalboal which resembles much of Boracay.

Is a spot in the Philippines of which the area is surrounded by famous and world reknown places to visit. If you like the beach and enjoys to snorkel or dive then go to "Tubbataha Reefs" this is a UNESCO site preserved because of its gorgeous reefs, sandy lagoons, steep walls and the underwater view is just so splendid. 

Since Philippines history talks about the World War II then it is not a question why there is a spot famous for wreck diving like in Coron Island. There are a total of 12 ships sunk in the area making it a must visited spot especially for divers. A newly recognize spot the Subterranean National Park a 5 mile river park that will make your jaw drop of its gorgeous and fascinating rock formation and the river is just under a mountain.